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Best Sports Medicine Hospital In Bangalore

Best Sports Medicine Hospital In Bangalore

Jeevika Hospital at best sports medicine hospital in Bangalore, we is committed to providing top-notch, individualized care and developing enduring relationships with its patients. Our department of sports medicine demonstrates this. Providing specialized sports medicine care to patients of all ages and competitive levels, the Department of Sports Medicine at Jeevika Hospital is well-known in Marathahalli, Bangalore. We provide complete sports-related care, spanning from pre-participation physicals and injury diagnosis to sports nutrition, athletic training, and medical therapy, with the ultimate goal of preventing, treating, and recovering players for all needs.

The symptoms of sports injuries vary depending on the specific body parts and severity 
Reduced range of motion 
The sports medicine team collaborates closely with surgeons to guarantee that patients’ health is restored through the use of minimally invasive surgical methods and cutting-edge imaging methods. Additionally, we provide consultation services. Here are a few of the sports medicine solutions we provide
Aches, pain or tenderness
Decreased range of motion
deformity , such as bone or joint looking out of place
Grinding, cracking, clicking or popping noise
Inability to bear weight on your hip, lead or foot
Skin that’s warm to the touch
Stiffness or weakness

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