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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Jeevika Hospital

Jeevika Hospital's ICU: Specialized care for critical patients. Our multidisciplinary team, advanced technology, and compassionate approach ensure the highest level of monitoring, treatment, and support, prioritizing your health and well-being. add with an affordable price to every patient.

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Emergency Department

Jeevika ER Your First Choice in Urgency

Jeevika ER: Your First Choice in Urgency" - When every second counts, trust Jeevika ER to deliver swift, compassionate care. Our expert team is dedicated to providing immediate attention and effective treatment, ensuring your peace of mind in times of crisis.

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Internal Medicine

Jeevika Hospital

Experience excellence in internal medicine at Jeevika Hospital, where our expert team provides comprehensive and compassionate care tailored to your individual needs.

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Pulmanology Department

Jeevika Hospital

"Jeevika Hospital Pulmonology Department: Expert care for respiratory health, with advanced diagnostics and personalized treatment options for every patient."

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Best Multispeciality Hospital In Bangalore

Jeevika Hospital is a leading destination of world-class healthcare services in Bangalore. Jeevika Hospital is among the top 10 Multispeciality Hospitals in Bangalore, with a supreme location in Marathahalli. It is the best hospital in Marathahalli, Bangalore, providing top-grade medical treatments to every patient most efficiently. 

Jeevika Hospital is more than the treatment plan; it is not only about medical services! We acknowledge the value of accessibility! Jeevika is conveniently located in Marathahalli, ensuring our excellent medical care is always available round the clock with the highest standard of care, where patients feel heeded, supported, and healed. Searching for “the best multispeciality hospital near me, Jeevika Hospital assures to deliver you customised excellent healthcare needs swiftly and effectively.  

Our commitment to improve the quality of our patient-centric services is apparent including ultra-modern facilities, highly professional doctors, and other medical workers. We provide a wide range of medical services, from routine check-ups to major surgical procedures, in specialties such as internal medicine, neurology, cancer, orthopaedics, paediatrics, gynaecology, and urology. 

In case of medical emergencies, every second matters. So, Jeevika Hospital stands out as a beacon of hope, offering emergency care near you with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Our critical care centre and emergency clinic are fully equipped to handle any medical emergency, providing rapid and life-saving care when it is most needed.  Therefore, in the Marathahalli hospital list Jeevika is ranked among the top 10 private hospitals in Bangalore.

At Jeevika Hospital, patient care is our first priority. We provide a healing environment in which compassion meets knowledge, empowering our patients on their journey to well-being. Experience the difference at Jeevika Hospital, where contemporary medical care and personalised attention combine to enhance lives and restore health.

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OPD +91 7022288504/405

Emergency +91 8884226785/81

Ultrasound+91 7348805691

Laboratory +91 8861887979


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    Jeevika Hospital

    Contact us

    +91 702288504/405

    Jeevika is the best Multispeciality Hospital in Bangalore with an emergency unit that mainly focuses on urgent, life-threatening conditions like sudden attacks, features, trauma, etc., round the clock.

    A special department that focuses utmost care on very sick patients needing 24-hour supervision by our healthcare professionals.

    Our speciality care involves healthcare experts providing specialised medical services like neurology,Gynecology, etc. Our hospital is listed in the top 10 Multispeciality Hospitals in Bangalore as the best hospital in Bangalore for heart.

    Our innovative surgical techniques, including minimally invasive procedures, treat injury, disease, and deformity.

    We focus mainly on treating and diagnosing diseases and conditions that affect women’s physical and mental health. Our experts offer comprehensive care from adolescence to menopause and pregnancy-related issues. Jeevika is the best hospital in Bangalore for delivery.

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    Jeevika Hospital Specialities in technical services



    Jeevika Hospital

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    Jeevika Hospital

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    Dental Care

    Jeevika Hospital

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    Jeevika Hospital

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    Jeevika Hospital

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    Jeevika Hospital

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    Celebrate the joy of health every day! Together, we can make each day a celebration of vitality, happiness, and wellness!

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    Compassionate & Expert Care

    We handle with composure, and great supervision, all our patients based on the accuracy and suitability of their medical conditions. We personalise treatment plans to each patient's specific needs.


    Patient-Centered Approach

    We handle with composure, and great supervision, all our patients based on the accuracy and suitability of their medical conditions. We personalise treatment plans to each patient's specific needs.


    Personalized Treatment Plans

    We handle with composure, and great supervision, all our patients based on the accuracy and suitability of their medical conditions. We personalise treatment plans to each patient's specific needs.


    Satisfied Patients


    Professional Doctors


    Operations Successful

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    Meet our Professional Doctors

    Dr. Ashok Reddy 1 scaled e1710491873730

    Dr. Ashok Reddy

    Surgeon Orthopedics
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    Dr. Geetha M

    General Physician
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    Dr. V Maya

    Dr. Tanvi Desai Gynecologist

    Dr. Tanvi Desai

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    Let’s See How We Work Process



    Patient Registration

    The first step in our process is to welcome our patients and ensure they have a experience.




    Once the patient is checked in, healthcare professional conduct a thorough evaluation.



    Get Report

    Analyzing the results of diagnostic tests & incorporating them into the diagnosis.



    Ongoing Care

    Our commitment to our patient extend beyond the initial visit. we ensure continuity of care.


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    We specialize in providing top-notch pool service and maintenance
    We specialize in providing top-notch pool service and maintenance
    We specialize in providing top-notch pool service and maintenance
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    What Our Patients Says?


    "I was admitted at midnight without any bystander, but the team was incredibly helpful in looking after me. Throughout the 3-day admission, the entire service was top-notch. The nursing staff was excellent, as were the doctors and administrative staff. A special mention goes to the insurance team. The food and service were also very good. Altogether, I am satisfied. Although it's a small/medium hospital, they have a proper system in place."


    Shejin PT


    "Jeevika Hospital is excellent; the service and staff are very friendly and helpful. The insurance desk assisted with smooth insurance claims. Special thanks to Dr. Maya, a very nice doctor who listens to our problems with patience, understands our issues, and treats us well. Thank you, Maya, and Dr. Teja from the ICU, who explained the surgery process very well and made it smooth. He is a very friendly doctor who instills positivity and hope in patients; he is kind-hearted."


    Venkat C


    "The service from the doctors was excellent, and the staff nurses were very kind and helpful. Dr. Hem treated my mom; he's a very experienced doctor who explained everything in detail. I definitely recommend this hospital for treatment."


    Ramani Ramani

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