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Best Oncology cancer Treatment Hospital In Bangalore


Jeevika Hospital’s Department of Oncology is dedicated to diagnosing and treating solid tumors and malignancies with the benefits of cutting edge technology. The highly specialized medical professionals, world-class infrastructure, and magnificent facilities are the hallmarks of our hospital, which help us offer a comprehensive range of cancer cure services. With an uncompromising spirit, our goal is to provide specialised healthcare services that comfort cancer patients. We accomplish this by offering comprehensive services for the management of a wide range of malignancies.

A cancer diagnosis changes every aspect of your life. At Jeevika Hospital, Marathahalli, we offer you professional oncology services in an environment designed to meet your needs. Our team of medical oncologists focuses on treating all types of cancer by understanding the nuances of personalized treatment.

Different Types Of Areas

Gynaecological oncology, Gastrointestinal cancer, Head and neck cancer, Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Skin cancer, Bone cancer, Eye cancer, Mouth cancer, Brain cancer, Uro-oncology

The majority of people experience few or no early –stage symptoms of cancer that are unique to the illness. A completely harmless illness can also readily account for each and every cancer system. But it’s recommended to consult a doctor for an evaluation of you see any of these symptoms lingering for an extended period of time.

Here are the common symptoms of cancer:

  • If your cough or saliva that has a blood tint to it lasts more than a week. This could be an indication of lung, head, or neck cancer.
  • Pencil-thin stools, for instance, may be a sign of colon cancer if you notice a change in your bowel habits.
  • If you observe blood in your stool, which may be a sign that cancer and haemorrhoids are coexisting,
  • experiencing sudden bleeding, it may indicate stomach cancer 
  • If you notice a  breast discharge or breast discharge 
  • If you notice lumps in your testicles it can be a sign of testicular cancer
  • If you observe a loss in weight in a short span of time

Here are some of the common test that can detect cancer

Blood protein testing 

Complete blood count (CBC)

Tumour marker tests 

Prostate-specific antigen for prostate cancer 

Alpha-fetoprotein for liver cancer 

Human chorionic gonadotropin for germ cell tumours, such as testicular cancer and ovarian cancer. 


Computed tomography 

Positron Emission tomography 

Bone scintigraphy 

Colonoscopy PET-CT 

Breast cancer screening 

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